Penalties under PVAT Act can be adjusted against Excess ITC

0 comments Friday, December 14, 2012

Section 15 of PVAT Act 2005 deals with the Net Tax Payable by a taxable person. Sub section 1 of Section 15 provides that the output tax under PVAT Act shall be adjusted from the Input Tax Credit for determining Net Tax Payable by a taxable Person. If any excess ITC is still left then it is to be adjusted from the CST liability under CST Act 1956 at the option of the taxable person as per section 15(2) of PVAT Act.

Section 15(3) of PVAT Act provides that the Excess ITC if any left after adjustment of output tax or CST liability u/s 15(1) and 15(2) then such ITC shall be adjusted against any outstanding tax, Penalty or Interest under PVAT Act 2005 or CST Act 1956 as the case may be.
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