Lump sum sales tax on brick klin owners on the basis of production capacity is unconstitutional

0 comments Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Punjab & Haryana High Court in M/s Balaji Bricks Industries & Another v State of Punjab [VSTI 2012 P&H B-238] has held that lump sum scheme for payment of sales tax on the basis of production capacity of Brick Klin owners is ultra vires of Article 246 read with Entry 54, List-II-State List of Seventh Schedule of Constitution.

The brick klin owners were being subjected to lump sum tax under section 5(4) of Punjab General sales tax Act, 1948. The grievence of the petitioners was that they(brick klin owners) cannot be subjected to a lump sum tax which is determined on the basis of the capacity of brick klin rather than actual sales.
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