Whether any penalty or interest may be levied for non submission of requisite C forms?

1 comments Saturday, May 7, 2011
As we know C forms are required to be submitted by a seller with the sales tax authorities after obtaining the same from the purchaser of goods if the sale is an interstate sales and CST has been charged at concessional rate of 2% as per the requirement of section 8(4) of CST Act 1956. Sometimes a dealer if has made an interstate sales at concessional rate of CST against C form then afterwards, the purchaser doesnot provide the requisite C form to the seller then in such case difficulties are faced by the seller at the time of finalizing of his assessment proceedings.

The question arises whether in such cases any penalty or interest on the additional tax due can be levied on the seller for non submission of requisite C form? An attempt has been made here to find answer to this question as follows:

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