Compulsory Maintenance of books of account under Income Tax Act 1961

19 comments Saturday, June 5, 2010
It is generally seen that there is confusion among taxpayers about maintenance of books of accounts under Income Tax Act like who is required compulsorly to maintain the books of accounts and for how many years one has to keep his books of accounts.  Some views are expressed on this topic as follows:

Maintainence of books of accounts by Professionals: Section 44AA of Income Tax Act and rule 6F of Income Tax rules deal with the provisions regarding maitenance of books of accounts under Income tax Act. As per section 44AA(1) read with rule 6F the persons carrying on any of the profession as mentioned below are required to maintain books of accounts and other documents as may enable the assessing officer to compute his total income, if yearly gross receipts of the profession exceeded  Rs 150000
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