Meaning of expression "Similarly Placed Person" in context of Entry Tax Deferment in Punjab

0 comments Wednesday, November 14, 2012

As we know the Punjab Tax on Entry of Goods into Local Areas Act, 2000 was stayed by Punjab & Haryana High Court in Bhushan Power & Steel Limited vs State of Punjab in CWP 15378 of 2008. Thereafter a lot of writ petitions were filed challenging the said act on similar grounds as was in Bhushan Power & Steel case, whereby the Hon'ble High Court in CWP 18609 of 2011 passed the following order"

"Learned counsel for the petitioners placing reliance upon an order passed by this Court in C.M. No. 2467 of 2011 in C.W.P. No. 15378 of 2008 Bhushan Power & Steel Limited v. The State of Punjab and others, on 28.3.2011 submitted that as the petitioners in these writ petitions are also similarly placed, interim order in the same terms be passed in the present petitions.

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