Analysis of the amendments under Punjab VAT(Second Amendment) Act, 2013 - part-2

0 comments Saturday, November 30, 2013
In continuation of my earlier article Analysis of major amendments in Punjab Value Added Tax (Second Amendment) Act, 2013, herebelow the remaining provisions of the said Act are being discussed and analysed.

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Analysis of the major amendments under Punjab VAT (Second Amendment) Act, 2013 - Part-1

0 comments Thursday, November 28, 2013
The Punjab Value Added Tax (Second Amendment) Act, 2013 (Punjab Act No. 38 of 2013) has brought about major and very important changes under the Punjab VAT Act, 2005. All the changes are disucssed and analysed herebelow for the benefit of all blog readers:
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0 comments Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Notification No. 49-Leg/2013.- Dated 15th November, 2013
The following Act of the Legislature of the State of Punjab received the assent of the Governor of Punjab on the 15th Day of November, 2013, is hereby published for general information:-
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