0 comments Wednesday, December 16, 2009
A new rule 51A has been introduced under the Punjab VAT Act 2005 authorizing the commissioner or designated officer under the Act to lock the TIN No of the person registered under the Act. Locking the TIN no means the temporary stoppage of interstate movement of goods of the concerned person for the purpose of verification or further legal action. Temporary stoppage is done by locking the TIN No of the concerned person in the server of the software used by the VAT Department all over the state including at barriers set up at the various borders of the state.

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Use of section 144A of Income TAx Act 1961

0 comments Saturday, December 12, 2009
Assesements under Income Tax Act 1961 are made U/S 143, 144, 147, 153. The criterias for selection of cases for scrutiny has been increased. While making the assessement the assessing officer has to appericiate all the facts properly. If there is any misiterprtation of facts it may result in injustice to the assesee. Some times when there is confusion regarding interpretation of facts as appearing in a particular case or confusion regarding any law point the assessing officer tends to consult their senior officials like Additional Commissioners or else. The instructions the senior officials give to the assessing officer orally in such case, the assessing officer is guided by such directions while making assessement or sometimes the assessee also tend to explain their case to the Additional commissioner or joint commissioner especialy when the asssessing officer is guided by the directions of the Additional or Joint commissioner while making the assessement.
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