No tax deduction on labour and service part of works contract under Punjab VAT-Commissioner clarifies

0 comments Sunday, December 22, 2013
In an application u/s 85 of Punjab VAT Act, 2005 moved by me on behalf of my client, it has been held by the Excise and Taxation Commissioner, Punjab on 04-12-2013 that Judgement of Punjab & Haryana High Court in CWP 14797 of 2010 Larsen and Toubro vs State of Haryana is binding on all concerned works contractors.  

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Single point of taxation introduced in Punjab VAT.


 Punjab Government has surprisingly introduced single stage tax system under the Punjab VAT Act, 2005. Punjab Government has notified certain goods, most of which are consumable goods, on which tax under Punjab VAT Act has been levied only at the first stage of its sale.
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