Transfer of Right to use goods-deemed sale or a service

8 comments Sunday, April 15, 2012

Transfer of Right to use goods for cash, deferred payment or valuable consideration is considered as deemed sales under sub-clause (d) of Article 366(29A) of Constitution of India and also consequently under Punjab VAT Act and CST Act liable to VAT and CST respectively.

 Right to use of tangible goods service has also been brought under service tax net by the Finance Act, 2008, w.e.f 16-05-2008 vide notification No. 18/2008-ST, dated 10-05-2008.whereby taxable service has been defined u/s 65(105)(zzzzj) of Finance Act, 1994  to mean as

“any services provided or to be provided, to any person, by any other person in relation to supply of tangible goods including machinery, equipment and appliances for use, without transferring right of possession and effective control of such machinery, equipment and appliances”.
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