Processing fee levied on all VAT dealers, luxury tax, lump sum tax on brick klins doubled in Punjab

0 comments Wednesday, September 5, 2012
Excise & taxation Department, Punjab has levied processing fee of Rs. 800 on every taxable dealer (i.e Person having VAT registration) in Punjab under a new Rule 40-A of Punjab VAT Rules, 2005. This rule provides as under:

"Every taxable person shall pay annual processing fee of Rs. Eight Hundred only during the month of October alongwith the filing of quarterly return. This processing fee is in lieu of operation, maintenance and upgradation of such facilities and services as electronic issuance of statutory forms, e-filing of returns, e-payment of taxes and such other online and offline services being rendered or proposed to be rendered by the Excise and Taxation Department."
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House lacking basic amenities does not qualify for exemption u/s 54

In the instant case, in order to examine the entitlement of the assessee for exemption under section 54, it is to be seen whether the assessee had constructed residential house within three years of the transfer of his property. For doing so, the meaning of the term ‘house’ is to be explored. The term ‘house’ has not been given any statutory definition and, thus, has to be assigned meaning as understood in common parlance. As per dictionary, it means abode, a dwelling place or building for human habitation. A building, in order to be habitable by a human being, is ordinarily required to have minimum facilities of washroom, kitchen, electricity, sewerage, etc.
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