VAT-20 for year 2011-12 can be filed manually till 20-11-2012

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Discount after the sale is also a trade discount if given in regular practice of trade


Supreme Court In IFB Industuries Limited vs State of Kerala has held that trade discounts doesnot mean only those discounts which are given on invoice but discounts given after the sale in accordance with the regular practice of trade is also a trade discount and the deduction of the same should be allowed for determining taxable turnover for the purpose of sales tax/VAT.
In this case a division bench of the Kerala High Court has held that unless the discount was shown in the invoice itself, it would not qualify for deduction and further that any discount that was given by means of credit note issued subsequent to the sale of the article was in reality an incentive and not trade discounteligible for exemption under rule 9(a) of the Rules.
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