Entry Tax Imposed on new goods in Punjab

0 comments Thursday, February 4, 2010
The Government of Punjab,Department of Excise & Taxation has levied Entry tax on 12 new items Punjab Tax on Entry of Goods into Local Areas Act, 2000 (Punjab Act No.9 of 2000) with effect from 05-02-2010 vide notifications dated 01-02-2010. The new goods on which entry tax has been imposed along with the tax rate applicable are summarized hereinafter

Name of Goods Rate Applicable

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Surcharge Additional Tax levied under PVAT Act

The Government of Punjab has levied Surcharge/Additional Tax @10% on all the goods under Punjab VAT Act 2005 other than those seecified as declared goods under section 14 of Central sales Tax Act 1956 with effect from 05-02-2010. However this surcharge or additional tax will be levied on Liquor with effect from 01-04-2010.
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