Punjab Govt decided not to levy VAT on increased prices of Diesel and LPG-A minor relief

The Punjab government today decided to provide much needed relief to the people of the state by not charging Value Added Tax (VAT) on the recently increased amount of diesel and LPG. 

With the exemption of VAT on the recently increased amount, diesel would become cheaper by approximately 25 paise per litre and LPG by Rs.2.50 per cylinder. To offset the price hike, the state government had given these concessions from its own resources benefiting the farmers, transporters and general consumers. With these concessions, the state government would lose about Rs 75 crore of revenue per annum.

Source: Indian Express

Comments: As per the above news the Punjab Govt has decided not to levy vat on the increased price of diesel and LPG, whereas VAT on the price of diesel and LPG as existed before the increase in prices would continue. Thus there is a very minor relief that will be available as a result of this decision. 


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