Mandatory uploading of intra-state transactions in Punjab is suspended-It will now be optional only

Uploading of intra-state transactions (i.e transactions within the state) on the website of Excise and Taxation Department, Punjab, which was made compulsory by Punjab Government w.e.f 01-06-2011 has been suspended.(See earlier issued public notice).

A Public notice to this effect has been issued by the Government today, making it clear that uploading of information of intra-state transaction will not be mandatory rather it will be directory and optional only.

There was a lot of protest by the dealers across punjab on the mandatory uploading of intra-state transactions and as a result there was news that the Punjab Govt has suspended such mandatory uploading. But no official public notice or circular to this effect was issued. But  now the position about the uploading of intra-state transaction has become clear after the issue of public notice by the Govt, declaring the uploading of intra-state transactions as directory and not mandatory.

The relevant Public notice is produced herebelow:

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