Uploading of Information relating to some intra state transactions made compulsory in Punjab

Punjab Govt has issued a public notice to the effect making it compulsory to upload the data of invoices to be issued on the official website of the Department even in case of intra state transactions(i.e transactions within the state) in the prescribed format, where the amount of bill is in excess of Rs 200000 except in case of Iron and Steel, Cotton bales and yarn, Edible oils, Timber, Marble, Tiles of all kinds, in which case the amount is in excess of Rs 20000.

  Uptill now it is only interstate transactions the data of which is required to be uploaded but now it has also been extended to some intrastate transactions as well. This in my view will be an undue harrasment to the small dealers since the small dealers may not be computer literate or having sufficient computer equipments to oblige with the instructions given in the public notice. Although this move has been made by the govt to plug in the loophole for evasion of tax but its my personal view that instead of it the maintenence of stock register may be made compulsory in an alternative to this measure.However the said notice states that this will be mandatory w.e.f 01-06-2011.

The relevant Public Notice is produced herebelow for ready reference:

                              PUBLIC NOTICE



                          At present, the information regarding goods being brought into and moving out of the state of Punjab (Inter-state transactions) is furnished at the Information Collection Centers (I.C.Cs)/ Check Posts by the dealers and consumers. Now, this process of collection of information from dealers will be extended to intra-state transactions also (within Punjab) i.e. goods moving from one part of the State to other part. Hence, all the dealers making intra-state transactions shall compulsorily upload the information about the goods on the department’s website i.e. www.pextax.com before leaving the vehicle from the premises of a dealer. It shall be in the form of a self-declaration format/Performa; which shall be prescribed shortly by the department.

This compulsory declaration will be applicable for all the transactions whose value is in excess of Rs. 2,00,000/- for one single bill, except for the following commodities:-

1)     Iron & steel.
2)     Cotton bales and yarn
3)     Edible oils
4)     Timber
5)     Marble
6)     Tiles of all kinds.

The compulsory declaration for the above-mentioned six commodities will be applicable for the transactions whose value is in excess of Rs. 20,000/- for one single bill.

All persons making such transactions shall necessarily upload the required information in the Performa prescribed by the department. This will be mandatory w.e.f. 1.6.2011. The details regarding forms, methodology and other related information will be placed on department’s website:  www.pextax.com.

Hence, all the dealers are requested to make necessary arrangements for uploading the forms i.e. required computer with internet connection and a printer along with the technical manpower. Similarly, all the concerned dealers, for whom it relates, are advised to take username/password from the concerned district AETC.
For any query or details, pl. contact, 98729-10007, 98729-10044.   

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