Time Limits under Punjab Value Added Tax Act, 2005

I am sharing herebelow the various time limits under Punjab VAT Act, 2005 for example time for filing returns, applying registration, payment of taxes etc, hopefully it will be usefull for all concerned readers.

Rule/ Section
Application for registration in
Form VAT-1
S21, 22, R3,4,5
Within 30 days when such person liable to pay tax

Issue of the Registration Certificate
R5(1), S21
Within 30 days of application
Revalidation of Bank Guarantee
R4(2), S25
Within 30 days from expiry
Fresh Surety submission, if existing Surety becomes insolvent
R4(3), S25
Within 30 days of such occurrence
Declaration of name of the Manager
R9, S21
Within 30 days from registration
Application for amendment of Registration in VAT-5
R11, R12
Within 30 Days from occurrence of need
Application for cancellation of Registration
R13(1), S24
Within 30 Days of the occurrence of need
Order of cancellation of Registration
R13(3), S24
Within 30 Days from the receipt of application
Service of copy of the order of cancellation of Registration
R13(4), S24
Within 15 days from the date of cancellation order
Submission of final Return in the event of cancellation of registration
R36(4) S26(8)
Within 30 days of such closure
Request for extension of period of Casual Business
R31, S31
3 working days in advance
Furnishing of particulars of entering into a Works Contract
R46(1), S27
Within 30 Days from contract
Application for allotment of TDS number in case of Works Contract
R46(2) S27
Within 30 days of accrual of liability
Allotment of TDS number in case of Works contract by the officer
R46(2) S27
Within 7 days from application
Claim of ITC from sale in respect of goods returned
R15(1) (g)
Within 6 months from the sale
Receiving back of goods dispatched for job work for ITC admissibility

R20, S13
Within 90 days from the date of dispatch
Order of allowing claim of ITC on duplicate invoice by the officer
R26(2) S13
Within a 60 days from the receipt of application
Furnishing of quarterly return when tax is deposited in cash
R36(1)(2), S26(3), S33
Within 30 days from expiry of each quarter
Furnishing of quarterly return when tax is deposited through Cheque or draft
R36(1)(2), S26(3), S33
Within 20 days from expiry of each quarter
Monthly Tax Payment, if annual tax liability during previous year was Rs. 2 lakh or if gross turnover exceeds Rs. 1 Crore, if a person in export or inter-State trade opting for monthly return/tax
R36(1), S26(3), 33
30th day of month for Cash and 20th day of month for Cheque
Payment of Tax by a Casual Trader
R32 S31(6)
First day of the week
Furnishing of quarterly return by lumpsum person
R36A S8A
Within 30 days from expiry of each quarter
Deposit of TDS by a Contractee
R46(3), S27(4)
Within 15 days of close of each month
Filing of Annual Statement
R40, 41. S26(7), 43
For Taxable persons: Up to 20th November, For registered persons: 20th August
Information of excess tax or interest payment, if any by the Designated Officer
R43(2), S29
Within 1 month of scrutiny
Reference of case for Audit
Within 15 days of non-compliance
Furnishing of monthly statement of TDS by contractee
R46(4), S27(4)
Within 15 days after TDS Deposit
Tax Demand Notice
R51, S29
Within 30 Days, or Date Specified
Issue of refund Voucher or refund adjustment order
Within 60 days from the date of submission
Period for production of accounts as per notice of assessment
Minimum of 10 days
Scrutiny intimation
Within 2 years from end of Financial Year
Assessment by designated officer
S29(2) 29(3)
Within 3 years after filing of annual statement
Rectification of assessment
Within 1 year from the date of assessment order
Provisional Assessment
Within 6 months
Amendment of Assessment
Within 3 year from the date of assessment Order
Audit for purpose of assessment after filing of return
Within 6 years from the date of furnishing of return
Retention period of accounts and documents
S44, R66
6 Years from the end of the year to which these relate
Seizure of books/documents on inspection
Upto 30 days for Current accounts and 60 days for old accounts
Intimation regarding change in system of accounts
Within 15 days of such change
Monthly Scroll from Treasury to the Excise & Taxation Officer,
Within First week of each month
Submission of VAT 36 by an importer
Within 15 days from receipt of goods
Detention period of goods/vehicle
Not exceeding 72 hours
Submission of transit slip at exit point
Within 48 hours
Auction of detained goods in case of non-payment of penalty
Within 30 days from date of communication order
Payment of entry tax at ICC
Within 48 hours of import
Appeal to Appellate Authority 
R72(2) S62(4)
Within 30 days of order of communication
Apeal to Tribunal
S 63(2)
Within 30 days of order
Revision application to Tribunal
Within 30 days of order
Rectification of mistake by the officer
Within 3 years of order
Appeal to High Court after receipt or order
S68 (2)
Within 60 days from date of receipt of order
Appeal under Punjab Tax on Entry  of Goods Act
Within 60 days of order communication

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