Facility of self E-updation of profile to all the dealers in Punjab is provided till 25th November, 2011

Excise and Taxation Department in Punjab has given an opportunity to all the dealers in Punjab to update/validiate/amend the data relating to their profiles on the website of Department till 25th of November 2011. If any information relating to a dealer is not being updated then such dealer can update information by loging to the  e-Updation/Validation of Dealer Profile  with the same login credentials (i.e username and password) as are being used in Efiling of VAT Returns.  

A public notice to this effect has been issued by the Department asking all the dealers in Punjab to mandatorily update, check and submit their dealer profile by 25th of November 2011 otherwise the data already existing on the website will be treated as final.

Data which is required to be updated on the above link consists of same particulars as contained in VAT-1(Application form for Registration) of Punjab VAT Act, 2005. At the time of registration under PVAT Act, the information furnished in the VAT-1 is uploaded by the Department officials to their computer records.

The same data as being furnished in VAT-1 including the details of the sureties given is required to be updated by 25th of November 2011 at the above link.

The Public notice states as follows:

In order to facilitate better services and convenience to the dealers and taxpayers . the Excise and Taxation Department , Government of punjab is upgrading its existing information technology system with the next generation technology . The department is trying to address the issues faced by the dealers to the maximum  possible extent .

One of the major issues identified during discussions with representatives of trade and industry relates to the correctness and completeness of dealer data in master dealer file (MDF). To eradicate this problem, the department is giving an opportunity to all the dealers to update their information themselves, ONLINE, using a easy web-interface.

This facility is being offered upto 25th Nov.2011. All the dealers are expected to either validate the existing information in the MDF or correct and update it. Failure to do so will imply that the existing data is correct in all respect. It is, however, advised that dealers validate it for their own benefit.

The notice further states that  Dealers whose sureties have expired are advised to renew them. Those who have not submitted or enhanced the value of their sureties from Rs. 15000 to Rs. 50000 are advised to do so now. It is to be noted that earlier under PGST Act, 1948 the amount of sureties was Rs. 15000 which has been enhanced to Rs. 50000 under Punjab VAT Act, 2005.

Rule 4(3) of PVAT Rules, 2005 runs as under:

Where the security or additional security or further security, furnished by a person, is in the form of a surety bond and the surety becomes insolvent or is otherwise incapacitated or dies or withdraws, the person shall, within fifteen days of the occurrence of any of these events, inform the designated officer granting the registration, and shall within thirty days of such occurrence, furnish a fresh security for the like amount.
Thus dealers who have not given surety bond or where any of the event mentioned in Rule 4(3) occurs then surety bond is required to be renewed.

The notice also further states that all the dealers registered with the Excise and Taxation Department have to mandatorily check, update and submit the information.

The full public notice is being produced herebelow:


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