Entry Tax in Madhya Pradesh stayed by MP High Court

Entry tax in Madhya Pradesh has been interimly stayed by MP High Court taking note of stay of Entry Tax in Punjab and in Haryana. It is to be noted that the cases related to constitutional validity of entry tax as levied in Haryana and in other states is still pending in Jindal Steels case with the Supreme Court.

The MP High Court on the similar terms has also stayed the entry tax in Madhaya Pradesh. I have recieved the copy of stay order of the MP High Court as well as the writ petition filed from a friend in MP, which I am sharing herebelow for the persons concerned in MP as well as in other states.

Full File containing copy of writ petition and the copy of stay order can be downloaded herebelow:

MP High Court Stay on entry tax.

Also see the grounds on which entry tax was stayed in Punjab


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