Why new VAT returns forms have not been notified as yet?

Excise and Taxation Department has issued a Public Notice stating that Efiling of quarterly returns for 3rd quarter of financial year 2012-13, will now start from 31st January, 2013.

It is notable here that efiling is to start in all together new forms i.e VAT-15,18,19,23,24. A trial version of new return forms is also available at the Official website of the department.

The new trial version forms are altogether different from the old return forms.

 It is very strange that efiling of returns in new forms is going to start from 31st January, but such new forms have not been seemingly notified as yet. 

Before asking public to file their quarterly returns in new forms there should be notification amending the Punjab VAT Rules, 2005 replacing the old return forms with new one. Hopefully notification of new return forms will come before efiling of VAT returns starts. 

Public Notice can be accessed at the below link:


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