Step by step guideline for Efiling of VAT-20

A new website has been launched by the Excise & Taxation Department, Punjab namely COTIS upgrading the system of efiling of VAT returns. Efiling of VAT-20 will also be done on this new website. E-filing of VAT-20 will be done by uploading Xml file, which can be  generated  from the Smart Form VAT-20 software utility and then such XML file will be uploaded.

For the benefit of readers step by step of efiling of VAT-20 is shown as follows:

Step-1: Open wherein you will find a link namely E-VAT20 as shown in the picture below, click on the link to open a new window:

 Step-2 Change the password for VAT-20 in new window, your old password is the efiling password of quartarly returns.

Step 3: after changing the password, click on the link COTIS as shown in the above picture then login with the new password at the COTIS.

Step-4: Click on E-Returns and then click on Get Form after selecting VAT-20 to download the excel utility of VAT-20, thereby click on VAT-20 at below Smart Form.

Step-5: create XML file from the utility software of VAT-20 downloaded and then upload the same by browsing the XML file at "3.Upload the Xml From your Local Drives" as shown in the picture above.

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