Punjab VAT-Uploading of Intra-state Transaction(within Punjab) made compulsory

Excise & taxation Department Punjab has made uploading of intra-state movement of goods i.e movement of goods within the state of Punjab upto Rs. 2 lakh in case of Iron & Steel Goods and Rs. 3 Lakh in other case on the official website of the Department i.e www.pextax.com, compulsory w.e.f 10th August 2012.

Section 51 of Punjab VAT Act, 2005 stipulates that every movement of goods shall be accompanied by documents as mentioned in sub-section 2 of this section. For the purpose of inter-state trade, information regarding such movement of goods is collected on the Information Collection centres(ICC) set up by the Department of Excise & taxation Punjab. To facilitate the furnishing of this information, the Department had introduced an e-service namely"e-ICC" whereby the owner of goods can furnish this information from his premises.

The public notice further states that now it has been decided that w.e.f 10th August, 2012, information regarding intra-state movement of goods (within Punjab) shall also be furnished by all persons making sales of Rs. 3 lakh or above in a single transaction except in case of iron & steel where the thersold limit shall be Rs. 2 lakh instead of 3 lakh or above.

This facility has been named as e-Trip by the Department

Efiling password and username will be used  for uploading of such intra-state information at the website of the Department

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