PVAT-Three cheques required to be deposited alongwith new VAT-2 form while making payment of VAT by cheque

Recently a new single challan form namely VAT-2 has been introduced for payment of VAT in Punjab. This form has replaced the earlier three challan forms i.e VAT-2, VAT-2A and VAT-2B. Now for depositing VAT, Punjab Municipal Fund(PMF) and Punjab Municipal Infrastructure Development Fund(PMIDF) only one challan form i.e VAT-2 is required to be filled up.

There has been certain queries and confusion in case the payment of VAT, PMF and PMIDF is to be made by cheque that whether separate cheques in the name of Excise & Taxation Officer(ETO), PMF and PMIDF  are required to be given or a single cheque in the name of Excise and Taxation officer will suffice after the introduction of new single VAT-2 challan form.

I have come across two letters appearing to be official letters from Excise and Taxation Department, Punjab wherein it has been clarified that still three cheques are required to be deposited even after the introduction of new VAT-2 challan form, while making the payment of VAT along with such new challan form.

I am sharing the said letters for the benefit of all concerneds:


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