Efiling of VAT Return for the quarter ending 30th June, 2011 in Punjab extended to 16th August- Public notice on efiling.

Punjab Government has extended the due date for efiling of quarterly vat returns of the period 01-04-2011 to 30-06-2011 from 30th July 2011 to 16th August 2011 in view of the difficulties faced by dealers due to new VAT 23 and VAT 24 forms. However there has been no change in the due date of tax deposit, tax will be deposited by 30th July 2011 in case of cash and by 20th July in case of payment by cheque.

In the new forms VAT 23 and VAT 24 new columns Trade name and commodity name were added recently which was being opposed by dealers across the state. Now only one column i.e either Tarde name or commodity name needs to be filled up, both columns need not to be filled up.

In VAT 15 also two new column relating to Punjab Municipal Fund and Punjab Infrastructure Development Fund have been added.

The relevant Public notice is produced herebelow:

Government of Punjab
Excise & Taxation Department, Punjab
            The Excise and Taxation Department has been receiving requests and representations from various associations of lawyers, chartered accountants and other stakeholders regarding the new requirement of filing commodity wise VAT 23 and VAT 24 forms along with the quarterly returns. These representations have been considered and the following suggestions of the above mentioned associations have been incorporated apart from others:-
         1.Out of the columns relating to “TRADE” and “COMMODITY”, the return-filer may choose to fill only one column. The column of “TRADE” has been added only to facilitate taxpayers/ lawyers/ chartered accountants to trace the relevant commodities. However the “COMMODITY” column may be filled without filling the trade details and vice-versa but at-least one of these columns must be filled.
        2.The dealers may now download forms consisting of 100 rows, 500 rows, 2000 rows, 5000 rows, 10000 rows, 30000 rows and 50000 rows. They may also add/ insert rows in these forms.
        3.Column number 7 of VAT 15 form, as suggested by the Bar Association of Ludhiana, has been amended to include the details of PMIDF and PMF.
In view of the difficulties expressed by various associations it has been decided to extend the date of filing of returns for the quarter ending 30th June 2011 upto 16th August 2011. However the tax due has to be deposited as per the prescribed schedule. For queries, please contact 98729-10044, 99150-10016 and visit website www.pextax.com.
A. Venu Prasad, I.A.S.
Excise and Taxation Commissioner, Punjab


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