Checking the Income tax Refund status just a click away

The Income tax Refund status can be known just by a click. You just need your PAN and the relevant assessment year for which refund is due. This facility has been provided by I frequently check refund status of my clients at the following link shared for the benefit of all concerneds. Even if you have filed your return mannually you can still check your refund status at the following link, since the refund in mannual returns is also being sent by the Income Tax Department to Refund Banker nowadays and no refunds are issued mannualy at the Department. 


 The Income Tax Department sends the intimation of refund arising in mannually filed returns to the Refund Banker on internet and then the refund is despatched by Refund Banker generaly SBI from Mumbai, to the assessee and the status is updated at the following link very quickly. The speed post number is also given in the status, if refund is sent by cheque, so that the refund cheque can be traced if misplaced during movement.  


 This is a very good service and must be taken benefit of by every Professional as well as assessee, for which purpose I am sharing it here for evryone who is unaware of it as yet. Click at the following link to check your refund status which will take you directly to the NSDL site for checking status of refund.



Refund Banker

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