Pilot project for online issuance of ‘C’ forms for dealers of District Mohali

Public Notice

Subject: Launching of Pilot Project for online issuance of ‘C’ forms in SAS Nagar, Mohali.

Kind Attention : Dealers/Lawyers/Chartered Accountants/Other Stakeholders of S.A.S Nagar Mohali

1.    You will be pleased to know that for the convenience of the dealers, the Department has launched a pilot project for online issuance of ‘C’ forms for dealers of District Mohali.

2.    Under this pilot project, a dealer can apply for and get ‘C’ forms online for Quarter-1 and Quarter-2 of financial year 2015-16.

3.    Now onwards, to get these ‘C; forms, the dealer will not be required to visit the AETC office. He can simply enter his login ID and click on the link "Äpply for Statutory Forms" to apply for ‘C’ forms.

4. Once the dealer clicks on the link, the system will request/prompt him to enter his e-mail ID/mobile number. The email id/mobile number given by the dealer will be treated the registered e-mail id/mobile number for all communications with the dealer by the Department.

5.   Thereafter, the dealer will be required to select the Quarter concerned. Once the dealer selects the relevant Quarter, the names and TINs of all the outside dealers along with amount of ‘C’ Forms will be displayed as a list. This list would be generated on the basis of VAT-19 filed by the Punjab dealer himself.

6. For the convenience of the dealers, a facility has also been provided whereby TIN No., Name and State of the outside dealer can be corrected. They can also correct the amount of ‘C’ Form to be issued.

7.    Normally, within 30 days of the online application, the ‘C' forms will be sent in the login of the dealer. A communication in this regard will also be sent to his e-mail ID. In case the Designated Officer is of the opinion that ‘C’ forms should not be issued, the dealer will get a communication on the registered e-mail ID within 30 days. All the e-mails to the dealer will be followed by a message at his registered mobile number.

8.    The dealer will be able to take out the print out of the ‘C’ Forms and use them. He will be required to sign them and affix his stamp before sending them to the outside dealer. These ‘C’ Forms will bear a unique number. Anyone desirous of checking the genuineness of these ‘C’ Forms, can go to the website of the Department and click on the link "Verification of Statutory Forms" and feed the form number. On feeding the number, the details of the ‘C’ Form will be displayed on the screen.

9.    The dealers and Advocates of Mohali are requested to make maximum use of this module. In case, they face any problem, they should mail it to e-mail ID- etovatho@gmail.com. In the e-mail ID, they should mention their contact details. This will help in making further improvements in the module, which will ultimately help in making the module more dealer friendly.

15th January, 2016                                               Excise & Taxation Commissioner, Punjab


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