Punjab VAT-No assessment or provisional assessment without the prior approval of ETC

Punjab Government has suitably  amended Rule 47 of the Punjab VAT Rules, 2005 whereby no assessment or provisional assessment now can be framed without the prior approval of the Excise and Taxation Commissioner, Punjab.

Moreover the criterias for assessment or provisional assessment of a person or class of person shall be formulated by the Excise and Taxation Commissioner with the approval of the Government from time to time.

It has also been provided in the amended Rule 47 of Punjab VAT Rules, 2005 that the list of cases selected for provisional assessment or final assessment shall be displayed on the official website of the Department.

After this amendment not only final assessment but also the provisional assessment of only those persons can be made whose name is found in the list published on the website of the Department.

 The persons whose name is not there in the list will not be assessed u/s 29(2) or under section 30 of the Punjab VAT Act, which would mean that the returns filed by such persons shall be deemed to be accepted under self assessment.

The full notification can be downloaded herebelow:



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