Notifications relating to VAT increase by 0.5% in Punjab

Punjab Government has increased the VAT rate by 0.5% on almost all goods under Punjab VAT Act, 2005 for which a public notice was issued earlier in the newspapers. Now the official notifications are available and  sharing the same herebelow for the benefit of all concerneds.


The public notice for the same can also be seen at the below link:

Public Notice

The State Government issued he above notification as bearing no. nil dated nil regarding enhancement of rate of tax under Punjab Value Added Tax Act, 2005 but with great pain it is Pointed out that a notification without no. & date is no notification in the eyes of law as per my opinion.
 It will become a valid document only as and when it is issued with number and date anyhow I suggest the dealer to Act upon the notification which was published on 03.09.2012. It is a settled law that once publication in the official gazette takes place it is deemed to be knowledge to all. Ignorance of law can be no excuse. Once the Gazette was published from the date it was published, it become effective. Attention is invited towards the Star judgment of State of A.P. Vs. Twin City Jewellers Association [2007 10 STM 48 SC] and Union of India Vs. Ganesh Das Bhojraj [2001 STM-6 SC]
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