Download new VAT-2 form under PVAT Act, in excel format

Excise & Taxation Department, Punjab has notified new VAT 2 challan form for tax deposits under Punjab VAT Act, 2005. Earlier there were three challan forms namely VAT-2, VAT-2A and VAT-2B, which the dealers had to fill up for depositing tax under PVAT Act, 2005.

This new form replaces all the earlier three forms, now only one form is required to be filled up. This new form is applicable w.e.f 01-01-2012. The new form in excel format can be downloaded herebelow:

Download VAT-2 Challan form

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  • Dear Sir,
    Please clarify the method to fill the amt. in new vat challan.

    (a)Voluntary tax = Output vat - Input vat - Entry tax

    (h)Additional tax payable under section 8-B = Output surcharge - Input surcharge.

    whether above method is correct?

  • Entry tax, wct can also be adjusted from additional tax, since additional tax is treated on same footing as output tax.

    Let it be simple, just calculate the net tax liability (including surcharge) after deducting therefrom entry tax, wct, ITC then apply this formula:

    Net Tax Payable(Including surcharge)*100/110.

    thereby arrive at output tax and surcharge seperately and fill the form accordingly.

  • Dear Sir,

    Thank you for the above clarification.

    I have a question regarding mistake in quarterly return filing. In this qtr. return I noted a mistake after I got e-filing receipt. By mistake i have entered cst purchase figure in imports column in PVAT 15 form.

    Please inform me the procedure for getting the error rectified.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Dear Sir,

    Col. 2(b) is for imports from outside India & there is separated Col. 2(c)Inter-state purchases/goods... for CST purchases.

    I think there is no provision for amending quarterly returns & any mistake can only be rectified while filing annual return. Pls. confirm.

    Thank you.

  • If you have mentioned imports from outside punjab in the imports from outside India, then it may be treated as clerical mistake and should not lead to anything adverse as the other vat return form i.e. VAT-19 will confirm the actual position.

    There is no provision under Punab VAT for revising the return but a bonafide error can be ractified u/s 26(4) in the next return due to be filed

  • Dear Sir,

    I have a query regarding input credit for capital goods.

    Our factory is in rental premises. Now we are doing partition within the workshop for better management. For partition we are purchasing MS angles on Vat Invoice (Punjab). Also we'll be using MDF boards, which we can get on Vat or on CST invoice.
    Now the query is as below:

    i. Can we get ITC on these materials? If yes, then to what extent i.e., 100%?
    ii. Vat on MDF is 13.75%. This is purely partition use within factory and not related to items purchased or sold by our company.

    For information we sell our items @5.5%.

    Thanking you in advance.

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