Changed rate of tax on certain goods under Punjab VAT Act, 2005

Punjab Government has changed rate of VAT on certain items under Punjab VAT Act, 2005. These items with changed  rate of tax are as follows:

Sales made to Punjab State Power Corporation Ltd.
and Punjab State Transmission Corporation Ltd.for
generation, transmission and distribution of electrical
energy against a certificate duly filled and signed by
the Designated officer                                                                                   5%

Component, accessories and spare parts of Fire Arms,
Weapons and Ammunitions, Tank Parts sold to
Ordnance Factories under Government of India                                              5%

Sugarcane                                                                                                  2.5%

Mannualy operated machines, which donot use electrical
energy such as Charcoal Iron Press, Sewian Machine,Masala
Grinder, Juice Machine, Mincers and Wooden maker Ice Cream
Maker                                                                                                          5%              


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