Procedure for VAT registration under Punjab VAT Act 2005 and CST Act 1956

Who is required to get registered as a VAT Dealer under Punjab VAT Act 2005
Every person, except a casual trader and one dealing exclusively in goods declared tax free, whose gross turnover during the year  exceeded the taxable quantum, as provided below, is  liable to pay tax under the Punjab VAT Act by way of VAT on the taxable turnover.

(i)            in relation to any person, who imports taxable goods for sale or use in manufacturing or processing any goods in the State, rupee one;
(ii)          in relation to a person, who receives goods on consignment/branch transfer basis from within or outside the State on which no tax has been paid under this Act, rupee one;
(iii)        in relation to a person, liable to pay purchase tax under section 19, rupee one; 
(iv)         in relation to a person, who is a manufacturer, rupees one lac;
(v)           in relation to a person, who is running a hotel/restaurant, rupees five lac;
(vi)         in relation to a person, who is running a bakery, rupees ten lac;
(vii)       in relation to voluntary registration, rupees five lac; and
(viii)     in relation to any other person, rupees  fifty lac.

 Documents required for VAT Registration under Punjab VAT Act
1.    Proof for VAT eligibility - generally  a bill for purchase of goods from out of Punjab

2.   Proof of identification. (Ration Card, Driving Licence etc.) of Prop./Partner/Mananging Director.
3. Proof of business premises - if the Business premises is on rent. (Rent paid receipt/Rent Deed).   or If the owner has his own business premises then proof of ownership.

4. If the concern  is Limited Company then the copy of Memorandum of association and copy of Resolution. If the concern is a firm , then partnership deed. If it has any other constitution then proof  of that constitution.

5.         Proof of the PAN of the Prop, if the concern  is Propeirtorship/      
            Proof of the PAN of the firm if the firm is partnership.

6.         Two photographs for VAT and Centre — If prop. then of prop,  If              partnership then of all partners,  If company then of managing director
7 Bank account number and name of bank
8. Two suerties each having TIN and owning property or bank guraantee of Rs. 100000(50000 for tax under PVAT Act and Rs 50000 for tax under CST Act)
9. List of following categories of goods:-
a) Goods to be traded.
b) Goods to be manufactured.
c) Goods to be purchased for use in manufacture.

Every photostat copy should be attested to be a true copy by the prop./ partner/director.


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